Mahan Air airplane
Mahan Air airplaneiStock

A cyber attack against Iranian private airline Mahan Air has been foiled, Iranian state media reported on Sunday, according to Reuters.

The report stated that the flight schedule was not affected by the attack.

The Mahan airline, established in 1992 as Iran’s first private airline, was blacklisted by Washington in 2011 for the support it provided to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Since then they have claimed to have received similar internal cyber attacks in the past.

Tehran has blamed in the past such attacks on the United States and Israel. The United States and other Western powers meanwhile have accused Iran of trying to disrupt and break into their networks.

Iran claims to have received other cyberattacks in the past, such as one last month when the sale of heavily subsidized gasoline across the country was disrupted by apparent cyberattacks, and disruption in train schedules when Iran's transport website was out of order due to a 'cyber distruption'.