Jiont US-Israel military exercise
Jiont US-Israel military exercise IDF spokesperson

The recent joint military exercises between Israel, the United States and the Gulf states are part of the parties' preparations for a military confrontation with Iran, Lt. Col. Shachar Shoshana, head of the North American branch of the IDF's Foreign Relations Division, revealed Israel Hayom Sunday morning.

Shoshana coordinated the preparations in the IDF for the visit of US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield, which took place last week. "This policy allows us to expand our freedom of action and to do in public things that were previously done in secret. We are experiencing new regional cooperation. A group of countries has been created that can talk together. We want to build a platform that knows how to deal with the threat of radical Islam - and Iran at its head."

According to Shoshana, the existence of the joint exercises and their publication are the result of the Abraham Accords, because as a result Israel was transferred from the European Command of the United States to the Central Command. "Facing the Iranian threat - what was not under European command. The Central Command has identified the primary threat as Iran. This is its reference scenario, and it is preparing itself for action against Iran, as we prepare ourselves in the face of our reference scenarios."

"The Americans are preparing for this as the number one problem, and together with the countries which normalized relations with us there is an opportunity to build a regional network and military capability to deal with Iran. Due to the normalization agreements we are building more advanced capabilities. Things that happened secretly until less than a year ago are now public," he added.

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