Dozens of young people and adults protested in Zion Square in Jerusalem on Thursday evening over the death of Ahuvya Sandak during a police chase in the Binyamin region.

The protesters intermittently blocked the path of the Jerusalem Light Rail. Police officers made arrests and kept the demonstrators off the tracks.

The Honenu legal aid organization is assisting 11 young people who were arrested during the demonstration. An attorney on behalf of the organization is at the police station.

Over the past few weeks, protesters have demonstrated several times in Jerusalem against the conduct of the police in Sandak’s case. During a demonstration a week ago, 21 people were arrested at the Chords Bridge in Jerusalem.

The parents of Ahuvya Sandak responded earlier on Thursday to the decision by the Knesset to establish a parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate the incident in which their son was killed.

The parents welcomed the agreements of all Knesset members on the need to investigate Ahuvya's death and announced that they would continue their fight "until justice is served."

The parents stated that the committee set up was a compromise and constituted only a "stop on the long and tedious road to justice."

"The committee set up in the Knesset is not enough," they added. "Let us not be confused. This is not a victory, but a stop on the long and tedious path to justice."