The parents of Ahuvya Sandak
The parents of Ahuvya SandakYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The parents of Ahuvya Sandak, who was killed while police officers rammed his vehicle, responded today (Thursday) to the decision by the Knesset to establish a parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate the incident in which their son was killed.

The parents welcomed the agreements of all Knesset members on the need to investigate Ahuvya's death and announced that they would continue their struggle "until justice is served."

The parents stated that the committee set up was a compromise and constituted only a "stop on the long and tedious road to justice."

"We were happy to see yesterday in the Knesset, and both MKs from the opposition and MKs from the coalition agree - that the killing of our son, a young boy about 16 years old, who was killed by police - must be investigated," the parents wrote. "Our Ahuvya was murdered by policemen who slammed their vehicle into him in violation of every law, and every procedure and killed him in cold blood. Today in is our son, tomorrow it could be any other boy or child in the country."

"Unfortunately, from investigations published in the media we saw that the Department of Internal Investigations did everything from the first moment so that the truth of this incident would not come out. The investigators were focused on whitewashing and hiding, and not investigating and bringing the truth - how a young boy was killed by police," the parents added.

"The committee set up in the Knesset is not enough," they added. "Let us not be confused. This is not a victory, but a stop on the long and tedious path to justice. We must not let go and let Ahuvya's story be removed from the agenda."