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One of the most beautiful aspects of nature is the changing of the seasons. It’s a magical time when the weather starts to shift, the temperature either rises or falls and the entire landscape around you takes on a whole new aesthetic.

Every season always has its own unique signature changes. From the cool, new life of spring we slip into the warm sunny adventure of summer fun with outdoor cocktail parties by the pool and lazy days lounging at the beach. Fall comes quickly after that, with its enchanting call to layer up in your favorite sweaters and scarves and head out to watch the magic of the leaves turn while you enjoy that long awaited PSL!

Winter is perhaps the most magical seasonal change though. True, depending on what part of the country you are in the temperature can drop to unholy digits and the environment can become much harsher, but there’s such a magic to snow covered trees and icy mornings. The festivals continuing through the winter don’t take a break either! Yes, the outdoor festivals will most likely move inside and you’ll do a lot more dancing in a club as opposed to an open field, but that doesn’t mean the season won’t bring some unique gear! Here’s some fans’ favorite, trendy items that will help you get ready for some true winter festival fun.

Winter is Where it Gets Wild

Just because the sun isn’t out doesn’t mean you have to bundle up. This winter season you can make sure that you are attending every rave with truly head-turning rave clothes that will impress.

With a wide selection of cute, attractive, adorable prints, leggings, tops and chaps you will be sure to not only have an amazing time but look incredible! So remember, just because it’s turning into the winter season doesn’t mean that you can’t still turn heads and be the hottest thing on the dance floor.

Tis the Season to go Vinyl

The winter season calls for more indoor activities and time spent in shared spaces. There are wonderful winter sports and tons of fun adventures to be had during this magical season. Skiing, snowboarding winter hikes and even just building a snowman are all incredible ways to spend your winter days, however the colder weather lends itself to indoor activities.

Family dinners, movie parties and game nights are wonderful ways to spend cold winter days and investing in vinyl records can also be a way of spending time with loved ones. Vinyl record players have resurged in popularity over the years simply because there’s nothing else like them. If you love your music then do yourself a favor and experience your favorite tunes from the magic of vinyl.

Even the best rap albums of all time have been transposed onto this classic method of playing music and nothing quite competes. Classic rap albums like Dr. Dre’s, The Chronic, Wu-Tang Clan’s, Enter The Wu-Tang, and even more recent hit records like Kanye West’s "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" are all available on vinyl. If you love rap and want a fun way of experiencing the music together or even alone, think about investing in vinyl!

Skin Care For the Winter Months

As the colder months approach, finding great beauty routines for the season has never been easier. Winter always changes up the wardrobe, pushing us toward our favorite scarves, sweaters, jackets and coats! Mittens and earmuffs are gleefully pulled out of storage and donned with joy - but what is your makeup routine?

With Rose INC rose skin toner, you can bring a subtle, beautiful color to your new look. This beautiful rose colored toner is alcohol-free and helps to cleanse the skin daily bringing your glow up to a whole new level.

Winter Cheer and a Healthy Gut

One of the best parts of winter is gearing up to spend time with loved ones. Don’t just blend in with the other guests when you bring tepache to the party. You’ll stand out as a favorite once your friends and family taste the delicious, fermented probiotic drink. Not only will it give you that good buzz, taste delightful and be a fan favorite, but it is also chock full of gut healthy probiotics.

Organic, low in sugar and rich in vitamin C and D, you’ll set the standard for party fun and healthy goals! With a time-tested family recipe that’s made millions of fans already, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and order a case of tepache for the upcoming winter season!

Keepin’ the Sniffles Away

With the cold weather comes the unfortunate side effects of the new season - you guessed it, feeling a little under the weather. Everything from the sniffles, a head cold, allergies and drainage all the way to nasty bugs like the flu all come with the territory of cooler temperatures.

Thankfully there are plenty of ways to help keep you and yours stay healthy. Vitamins, supplements, healthy diet choices, and active exercise are all great ways to make sure that you stay ahead of the game when it comes to keeping your health up during the winter.

One of your best friends through these winter months is Dayquil, a powerful over-the-counter medication that can help you fight off pesky coughs, head colds and even fevers. Every medication has active and inactive ingredients and thanks to genexa.com you can now look up both dayquils active and dayquil’s inactive ingredients.

An active ingredient is the part of a medication that you experience - such as dayquil’s ability to help you fight a head cold or ease a cough. An inactive ingredient does not imply that it serves no purpose, but instead that isn’t part of the symptom treating properties you automatically associate with the medication.

For instance, substances like glycerine, propylene glycol and sodium chloride, along with others, are all inactive ingredients; however, they make the medication palatable, and consumable!

Socks That Help The Heart

How can socks help your heart? Simple - a graduated compression sock is a sock that has precisely structured compression that helps people with poor circulation keep their blood moving through their lower extremities.

The pressure from a compression sock works to actively help your heart as it pumps blood through your body. For people with diabetes or other conditions that affect circulation, compression socks can make a world of difference in making sure that their lower limbs can maintain strong circulation. What’s more is that you can find compression socks of various styles and colors, making them a great gift for a loved one who could benefit from them!

Winter Wonder

The most important thing to remember this coming winter season is to keep your loved ones close and enjoy the season! Staying warm, having fun and spending time with the people you cherish is the best part of winter. With these incredible, trendy products like wireless speakers, you are sure to spice up your winter season and make it one that you’ll remember for years to come!

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