Paris, France
Paris, FranceFlash 90

An 11-year old boy was repeatedly attacked near Paris, France by two 14-year olds who allegedly targeted him for being Jewish.

The assaults occurred in Corbeil-Essonnes, a southern suburb of Paris in September but the case was only now made public by Le Parisien.

According to a court document cited by Campaign Against Antisemitism, the boy was initially walking home from school with his friends when he was confronted by the two suspects, who asked him if he was Jewish.

When he said that he was, they began to beat and choke him.

They also verbally abused the victim, with one of the assailants allegedly saying, “Dirty Jew, we are going to suffocate you with gas as they did before to the Jews,” and then putting his hand over the victim’s mouth.

The two attackers also ordered the victim to “surrender” before they threw him to the ground and performed Nazi salutes.

The anti-Semitic abuse continued every day for a week until the victim told his parents about the assaults.

The suspects will reportedly face anti-Semitic violence charges.

One of the suspects claimed during questioning that he was not familiar with what a Nazi salute was. The other suspect said he knew what the salute meant. One of their lawyers asserted that the two assailants had been were under the influence of a violent video game.