Nof Zion, a new residential neighborhood building project in Jerusalem, attracted a large amount of interest at the recent Israel Real Estate Show in New York.

The Israel Real Estate Show, a unique event held in cooperation with Arutz Sheva, took place in New York on November 14.

Udi Ragonis, of the Nof Zion project in Jerusalem, spoke to Arutz Sheva from the Israel Real Estate Show in New York about Nof Zion, a new neighborhood with a view of the Temple Mount.

“Nof Zion is a new neighborhood that we are building in Jerusalem,” Ragonis says. “It exists as seven buildings with people living there, and we are going to do another 400 units facing the beautiful view of Jerusalem [including] the Old City. You see the walls. It’s an amazing view. And the pricing is amazing also.”

What is the plan for the new neighborhood in the heart of Jerusalem?

“We are going to build 400 units. We are going to build a sports center. There are going to be two shuls, two mikvahs, a commercial center, and two hotels on top of the hills. These hotels are also going to have residential [units],” he explains.

These new houses were a match for the demographic of the people who attended the Israel Real Estate Show.

Ragonis says that Nof Zion is “very suited for American groups who want to live in Jerusalem, see the view of Jerusalem, and for very comfortable prices.”