Natali Oknin, the Israeli woman detained in Turkey, met for the first time today (Tuesday) with her lawyer, Nir Yaslovich, and asked him to find a video aimed at strengthening the line of defense of the couple suspected of espionage.

She told the lawyer that she had previously been photographed for a marketing video of the Egged bus company, where she works, and asked him to obtain it. Oknin explained that it makes no sense for a "spy" to participate in an advertisement that reaches masses of viewers.

"She said to me, 'Tell me, did they say that I participated in an Egged advertisement? Does it seem to them that a spy would participate in an Egged advertisement? What are they even talking about?'" Yaslovich said.

"Today I did not see an ordinary woman, I saw a lioness. Simply a lioness. The first question she asked me was: 'How are my children? How do my children feel? What do they know? What do they not know? How can they not understand that I am a simple woman who does not engage in espionage?'" he added.