The building
The buildingFirefighters

The occupants of a four-story building in Bat Yam were evacuated in the afternoon (Tuesday) with the assistance of the police.

The fire department received a call from a tenant in a building on Masaryk Street in Bat Yam who said that she had difficulty opening windows and doors in her house. According to her, the four-story building in which she lives is crumbling and full of cracks.

A fire brigade from the Holon Bat Yam station arrived at the building and immediately noticed that this was an exceptional situation and that the tenants were in danger. The firefighters decided to evacuate the tenants and wait for the city engineer and the inspector on behalf of the municipality.

The city engineer who arrived at the scene declared the building dangerous and made a decision to evacuate the tenants with the help of the police.

Fifteen families were evacuated from the building and the municipality is helping them. "The mayor, Zvika Brut, ordered that the tenants be given accommodation at the expense of the municipality. Later, the municipality will assist the residents in accordance with their social needs," the municipality said.