Ambassador Erdan
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This morning, the international Donors’ Conference sponsored by Sweden and Jordan opened in Brussels with the aim of raising donations for UNRWA, which claims it is in a difficult financial situation and has therefore launched an extensive fundraising campaign. Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan and the Israeli Mission to the UN have spoken in recent days with representatives of UN member states in a diplomatic effort designed to persuade states to condition aid to UNRWA on reforms and fundamental changes in the Agency.

Ambassador Erdan is currently in Israel accompanying the United States Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas- Greenfield on her first trip to Israel.

Ambassador Erdan said: "UNRWA has long been part of the problem and not part of the solution. Instead of functioning as an agency for humanitarian and educational assistance, the agency functions as a political body that promotes the Hamas narrative, allows incitement and delegitimization against Israel to be written in Palestinian textbooks and whose infrastructure is used by Hamas for terrorist activities."

"UNRWA uses its funds and resources to disseminate and promote a Palestinian political narrative, in stark contrast to the mandate that the humanitarian aid agency should have. For example, UNRWA uses the term “Nakba” in its official platforms and often promotes the use of this political terminology. Also during Operation Guardian of the Walls, we saw one-sided and scandalous statements by UNRWA officials on its official platforms, completely ignoring the incessant rocket fire on Israeli citizens and the war crimes of Hamas. Worse, UNRWA does not monitor and prevent Hamas' use of its facilities for terrorist purposes. We recently saw an example of this in a tunnel located under an UNRWA school in the Zeitun neighborhood of Gaza.

"Israel supports the provision of humanitarian aid to Palestinians as needed, but UNRWA has become a body that serves the delusional "right of return" of the Palestinians,” the ambassador said.