Nitzan Zoran with her children
Nitzan Zoran with her childrencompliments of the family

"I this write this whilst trying to shower my daughters this evening. Again I find that there is no water in the taps, so there will be no showers," shares Nitzan Zoran, a resident of Mitzpe Abigail on Mount Hebron.

"The reality of life in the community that is in the process of being built up is complex and requires daily flexibility. Each day we are confronted with a different challenge - one day a power outage, one day a shortage of water, trouble from the sewage pipes and more," she continues.

"Yet despite this a decade ago we chose to move to Mitzpe Abigail and live in this magical place. I grew up in Meitar which is about a 20-minute drive from Abigail. My husband - Keter - grew up in Nahusha, a 40 minute drive. We felt we had found a good place in the middle, close to Be'er Sheva which has everything we need. Keter works in Be'er Sheva and I in Arad. When we got to Abigail - we felt like we had arrived home, " continues Nitzan.

Nitzan states: "Abigail was founded about twenty years ago by a number of single men looking to fulfill the dream of establishing a settlement and creating a continuum between Ma'on and Susya. Since then the settlement has grown and today it numbers about 50 diverse families."

"Abigail is an open community that allows every good person to come and build their home in a place regardless of one religious level or external definition. There is no substitute for the clean air here, the landscape that changes in the intensity of nature every season, and the special human collective living here," Nitzan describes.

Nitzan says: "As a young settlement, we made sure all the way to settle on state lands only and build according to an orderly master plan together with our council - the Mount Hebron Council.

"Every party that ran for the Knesset scattered many promises to us regarding the promotion of the settlement and its regulation. Although so far we have not progressed in this area. Last week even members who grew up among us voted against the regulation of young settlements that Orit Struck attempted to promote."

"It hurts. We give everything to preserve this land. We hold here this beautiful and important piece of land. Many Knesset members come touring here, nod in agreement with us, and then forget about us as soon as they leave," Nitzan concludes.