TurkeyWisam Hashlamoun/Flash90

The National Security Council on Sunday issued a travel warning to Turkey.

"In light of the high level of threat in Turkey, there are immediate risks of terrorist attacks. The threat is valid for all tourist centers in the country," the warning says.

"The recommendation of the National Security Council is to avoid visits to the country and to leave as soon as possible. Israeli tourists currently staying in Turkey are asked to refrain from visiting crowded tourist sites, obey the instructions of local security officials and the media and leave as soon as possible," the warning adds.

It is also recommended that "family members of Israeli tourists currently staying in Turkey are asked to update them on the refinement of the travel warning."

The travel warning comes amid the saga of Israeli couple Natali and Mordy Oknin who were arrested in Turkey last week and charged with espionage.

Israel continues to work with the Turks to bring about their release, so far without much success, and at the same time is trying to understand whether this is a one-off event or part of the implementation of a decision to launch an initiated crisis between Turkey and the Israeli government.