This morning's cabinet meeting
This morning's cabinet meetingArutz Sheva

After the publication last week on Arutz Sheva which pointed out that at the previous cabinet meeting the cabinet ministers drank cold drinks in disposable glasses (along with a number of glass cups), and even had food served to them in luxury disposable trays, this week they appear to have learned their lesson.

Only glassware was placed on the cabinet table this morning, Sunday, and the refreshments were also served with ordinary utensils.

It will be recalled that the "Customs and Exemption" Order on Taxed Goods (Amendment No. 3 ') 5722-2021", the order imposing a high tax on disposable utensils signed by the Minister of Finance Avigdor Liberman, was published on October 19, 2021. Even before the actual order was published, the government had already announced its intention to impose such a tax.

Even after the reduction in the warning period prior to the tax, and before the actual order had been signed - the government had at least 20 days to set an example to the public in the challenges it itself announced, and to get rid of the disposable utensils costing the public dearly.