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London (illustration)Flash 90

It’s absolutely tragic: Ms. B.O.D. is still in love with abusive Mr. T.S.S.

And such abusive relationships are, sadly, not uncommon. “Why Do Some People Fall in Love With Abusive Partners?” ponder psychologists. "Why Do I Love My Abuser?" muses an auto-biographical piece. And poignantly, “My Feminism Couldn’t Save Me From Loving A Violent Man”, by a female activist who bravely explained why: “I figured that he must be good. I couldn’t have loved ... anyone but a kind, sensitive man”. She reminisces on, “how good the relationship felt" and agonizes: “I thought that ...I needn’t be worried — you can’t hold people’s pasts against them, right?”

Another abuse-victim has written that her infatuation with her abuser was “as powerful as any opiate.... he strangled me. It sounds crazy, but even after that, I went back to him”. She explained: “In my mind, all he needed was me to rescue him -- and that made me feel wanted and good”. But: “No matter what you try, nothing works --they find another reason to blame you for their anger. And then stage 3: “Slowly, it wears you down. You start to feel worthless, almost deserving of their anger.”

How precisely this paradigm fits London’s Board of Deputies' dangerous infatuation with TSS -- the two-state solution, the Board’s darling cause. London’s Deputies are “too smart, too vigilant” to be with any cause but a kind, sensitive cause – correct? You can’t hold Palestinians' pasts against them, right?” All Palestinianism needs is Jews liberal enough to rescue them, correct?

Beware. Because, “no matter what you try, nothing is going to work”, the Palestinian Arab cause will always find another something to blame Jews for. Even if Deputies eventually, repudiate Balfour – another Jewish sin will be found. That's exactly what Palestinianism is all about.

And eventually, “you start to feel deserving of their anger”. Won’t happen? It's already happening.

This is bad, but Ms. B.O.D’s infatuation with Mr. T.S.S. may get much worse. In real life, in one of the stories referred to above, the abused woman eventually agreed to marry her abusive mate. Four months later, he tried to kill her and was convicted of assault. She then let him back into her life yet again! She admitted she was motivated by fear (“now I knew what he could do to me…”).

If the Jewish people are ever persuaded by the "Deputies" to actually marry abusive Mr. T.S.S., to let him take a big bite out of the emaciated Jewish state’s mid-section and allow "Palestinian state" to nestle – Israel may have a swift and tragic end.

Will the Deputies eventually be courageous enough to admit their support for Mr. T.S.S. is motivated by fear of what Palestinianism can do, if empowered with a state? Abused women require on average seven attempts, before finally leaving their abusive man.

This process must occur timely – before the Jewish Deputies’ tragic error becomes fatal. Because actually establishing a “Palestinian state” is, by international law, irreversible – unlike marriage.

And, there are shelters for battered women, but none for battered Jews. So, our sisters – the British Jewish “Deputies” – must be urged to represent Jewish issues, to help the indigent, but to renounce their pathological infatuation with abusive, devious Mr. T.S.S.

London-born Susie Dym wrote this editorial shortly before Israel’s ambassador was stormed by a crowd, at a London campus, educated to believe that any opposition to the two-state solution is reprehensible. Ambassador Hotovely had been publicly blasted, by British Jews, for criticizing London’s Board of Deputies’ traditional infatuation with the two-state solution.