African infiltrators in Tel Aviv
African infiltrators in Tel AvivHadas Parush, Flash 90

Forty-four. That's the number of cases police have opened against one infiltrator, between January 2020 and August 2021, data received by Israel Hayom showed.

The data shows that even though dozens of criminal cases are opened against the infiltrators, they return to the streets over and over, and are suspected of committing crimes. The information shows that infiltrators, unlike the Israeli citizen, cannot be followed by law enforcement and prevented from committing his next crime.

"This isn't normal," a source in law enforcement told Israel Hayom. "The State is losing control over them. It's not normal that there are infiltrators who have had over 40 cases opened against them in the last year and a half."

Israel Police data was revealed in response to a request filed by the Otef Tahana Merkazit organization which fights illegal immigration to Israel. That data shows that 7,150 criminal cases were opened in the past 19 months against 1,531 infiltrators. According to the Population and Immigration Authority, Israel currently has approximately 30,000 adult infiltrators. The data therefore shows that 5.3% of infiltrators have had a criminal case opened against them within the past 19 months.

The infiltrator with 44 criminal cases against him holds the record for the highest number, but in recent months 30-43 criminal cases each were opened against 12 infiltrators.

At the same time, 20-30 criminal cases each were opened against 42 infiltrators, 10-20 criminal cases were opened against 139 infiltrators, 3-10 were opened against 537 of the illegal immigrants, two cases each were opened against 268 infiltrators, and one each were opened against 543 of the infiltrators.

A source in law enforcement told Israel Hayom, "Following the infiltrators is harder since unlike Israeli citizens, they do not have an established address. This makes it more difficult for police to prevent them from committing the next crime."