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The procedure for encouraging foreign productions is expected to come up on Sunday for a government decision. As part of the procedure, which aims to encourage productions from abroad to come to film in Israel, every foreign production that comes to film in Israel will be reimbursed by 25 percent. For this purpose, NIS 24 million will be allocated in 2022, and in 2023 NIS 21 million will be allocated, Walla News reported.

The promotion of the procedure is led by the Culture and Sports Ministry and the Economy Ministry in cooperation with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Finance Ministry, and the Tourism Ministry, who agreed that on Sunday it will be decided by the government. Government officials expect that the move will bring millions of shekels into the economy, contribute to Israel's image and encourage tourism, and that dozens of Israelis will be employed in productions that will be filmed in Israel.

If the procedure is passed by the government, Israel will join many countries in the world that are already encouraging foreign productions to be filmed in their nations through tax benefits, including Jordan, where many productions are filmed. For example, in July last year, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a law aimed at promoting film productions in Ukraine by granting tax incentives to foreign and local film producers. The law in Ukraine is a continuation of legislation that entitles foreign filmmakers to reimbursement of expenses between 4.5 and 25 percent.

The Producers Association of Israel has been promoting the move for months. Zvika Gottlieb, CEO of the Producers' Association, told Walla: "This is a very big step for the industry in Israel, a step that will provide thousands of jobs for Israelis and tens of millions of shekels that will reach the Israeli economy as a result of using services such as flights, hotels, catering, transportation and more. I want to thank the government ministries that mobilized for this."

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