KosherTroops is a unique organization that sends kosher care packages to Jewish American troops stationed all over the world.

Arutz Sheva spoke to KosherTroops at this year's KosherFest to find out more about the incredible work they have been doing.

KosherTroops comes to the event every year "with our troops in uniform. We come to say thank you to the companies that sponsor us and support us throughout the year," KosherTroops co-founder Sara Fuerst says.

One of the soldiers with them is Miriam Lefkowitz, a former member of the Israeli Border Police who is now in the US Army.

She came with them to thank all the donors and supporters who donate to KosherTroops.

"They give packages for the holidays and make our experience better," said Lefkowitz.

Mendy Stern, a US Army Chaplain on active duty stationed in the military district of Washington, called KosherTroops a "phenomenal organization that supports Jewish troops around the world."

"As someone who received the wonderful gift of food when I was deployed in Afghanistan and other places around the world, I can attest to the delight that the soldiers have in receiving these care packages," he says.

Stern adds: "The soldiers look forward to having these treats sent to them."

With approximately 10,000 Jewish American troops spread all over the military, Fuerst says they typically send out between 1,000 to 2,000 care packages at a time.

"Right now for Hanukkah, we're sending a little bit over 1,000 care packages," she says. "We're sending donuts, cookies, dreidels and Hanukkah gelt to help them celebrate Hanukkah."