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The "Ad Kan" organization, which revealed the connections between senior members of the Ra'am party and the terrorist organization Hamas, launched a crowdfunding campaign today (Tuesday) to monitor the budget funds given to Ra'am and prevent their transfer to terrorist supporters.

The campaign is a continuation of the series of exposures of connections between senior Ra'am members and Hamas and the families of terrorists. The 'Ad Kan' organization is looking to the public for help in setting up a research team that will follow the expected government funds, from the local committees and from there to Ra'am organizations such as Aid 48, the Al-Aqsa Association, the Al-Harisa Security Company, and more.

In light of the strong connections, the concern is that taxpayer money will go to the Hamas terrorist organization and the families of terrorists, who regularly get support from them.

The 'Ad Kan' organization and the "Choose Life" Forum of bereaved families published a study last week that reveals an alarming situation. It shows that senior Ra'am members entered the Gaza Strip and met with senior Hamas officials such as Razi Hemed and others.

Despite the opposition's proposal to withdraw tens of thousands of their various reservations to the state budget in exchange for the establishment of a parliamentary oversight mechanism that would monitor the fund transfer to Ra'am and prevent them from slipping them to terrorists, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid refused to do so. His wording was: "Thank you, but no thank you."

Due to this, the 'Ad Kan' organization decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to set up a research team that will consist of financial analysts and lawyers. They will monitor the tax money going to Ra'am and the Islamic Movement and prevent its leakage to terrorist organizations.

Gilad Ach, the 'Ad Kan' organization director, stated at the start of the crowdfunding: "The 'Ad Kan' organization's exposure, according to which there are strong connections between the heads of Ra'am and the terrorist organization Hamas has made waves. But now we must also monitor the financial system used to transfer the funds to the Ra'am associations and to fund the hostile hands of terrorist families. Following the exposure, the public is called upon to buckle down and join the struggle. Commencing an investigation team that will monitor the money transfer is the only way to prevent those funds from being used as a double-edged sword against the Israeli public."

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