The French newspaper Le Parisien reports that an 11-year-old boy was harassed by a number of 14-year-old students from his school for several days.

The students followed the boy and insulted him several times. One day, while walking with two of his friends, he was asked if he was Jewish. When he replied in the affirmative, they beat him vigorously, strangled him and said to him: "Dirty Jew, we are going to suffocate you with gas as they did before to the Jews."

They then demanded that he "surrender" and the frightened boy agreed immediately. They slammed him to the ground, did a Nazi salute and left.

The boy's parents filed a complaint with the police, which opened an investigation. Most of the boys denied the acts, but one of them who boasted of harming the child, linked all the others to the act.

It is said that they will be charged in the juvenile court with "anti-Semitic violence" and the indictments will be filed in the coming days.