Damascus Reuters

Twelve Jews from Brooklyn, who left Syria decades ago, recently visited Damascus with the consent and even encouragement of the Assad regime. Social media posted documentation of them hanging out at a local restaurant in the Syrian capital.

One of the participants in the visit, who spoke to Kan News and asked to remain anonymous, said that they came mainly to do dental treatments - which are cheaper in Syria than in the United States.

In a conversation with reporter Roi Keys, the Jew noted that they had met with the remaining Jews in Damascus, apparently three in number. According to him, it was a private visit, without political connections. He even claimed that they had received a request to meet with senior government officials in Damascus, a meeting that did not materialize.

According to him, they were welcomed by the residents. "Everyone understood from our language that we are Syrian Jews, everyone remembered us," he said. "We went to stores in every area. They knew us and said to us - 'Welcome,' this is your country, why are you not coming back? Look what happened to the country, please come back. '"

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