site of former US consulate in Jerusalem
site of former US consulate in JerusalemYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Nearly a thousand senior officers and reservists from all security forces, members of the "Habithonistim" movement, called in a petition to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett not to allow the opening of an American consulate for the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem.

In the letter, the senior officials write that "Opening a consulate in the heart of Jerusalem for a foreign entity constitutes a serious violation of Israel's sovereignty in its capital. The choice of location is far from accidental. This is an attempt to put a question mark over Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem under the pretext of 'providing services' to the Palestinians, and in fact constitutes a political decision aimed at returning Jerusalem to the negotiating table. This unnecessary reward for the Palestinians also poses a real danger of a flare-up of the territories again."

The authors warn that the opening of the consulate constitutes a practical division of the city. "If the consulate is opened in its designated location, on Agron Street in the heart of Jerusalem, on a major traffic artery between the city hall and the prime minister's residence, this will constitute an actual division of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel."

The letter concludes with a proposal for the Biden Administration: "The United States, which is a top strategic ally for the State of Israel, is invited to open an embassy or consulate for the Palestinians in Ramallah or any other PA-controlled area, which will also coordinate the reasonable requirement for an accessible and convenient location for Palestinian residents of Judea and Samaria. without blatantly and dangerously trampling on the Jewish people's right to their capital."