Austin, Texas
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A troubling string of anti-Semitic incidents recently taking place in Austin, San Antonio and other areas of Texas has targeted residents of San Marcos.

Over the weekend, residents of the city in Hays County received anti-Semitic flyers in plastic bags filled with rocks.

The letter targeted members of the Jewish community and blamed them for the coronavirus.

“This weekend, people in a few cities in Hays Co received a disturbing letter. Negative actions motivated in bias is an attack against an entire community & not just an attack on a single person,” wrote Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra on Twitter. “This behavior is not acceptable. Before these emboldened people take their hate to the next level, if you received one of these flyers, please go to the FBI website and fill out the tip form.”

To the Hays County sheriff’s office said that there is no investigation regarding hateful flyers but it has received a few reports of anonymous propaganda being found, reported.

Texas has recently seen a series of anti-Semitic incidents, with the Anti-Defamation League’s Austin chapter reporting 17 incidents over a recent 10 day period.

In October, members of a neo-Nazi group hung an anti-Semitic banner in Austin.

Shortly after, following a series of anti-Semitic incidents in the city over the previous few weeks, a fire was set outside an Austin synagogue.

In late October, an anti-Semitic hate group targeted San Antonio with flyers and a protest where anti-Semitic abuse was hurled at the public.

Only days later, a sign on a automotive garage in south San Antonio, Texas was discovered that contained the phrase ‘Heil Hitler” and a swastika.