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With the advent of globalization, CEOs face more factors that increase stress levels than ever before. Companies must remain competitive in a global marketplace.

Teams are cross-functional and cross-departmental, working together on a global scale and different schedules.

Finance must meet the ever-changing needs of the business. As a result, the job of a global CEO has never been more challenging.

As the highest-ranking official in a company, CEOs run their operations while managing their resources. As a result, the CEO is not only the face of a company and the main point of communication between operations and the board.

Focus on recovery time

CEOs often run at full speed 100% of the time. One stressful situation leads to another. The hours of the day are quickly running out. Before you know it, you are at home eating dinner. You close your eyes for a moment, and the alarm goes off. And here we go again. And at 100%.

The question? Was that even a full night's rest? Or did the events and important decisions of the day haunt your thoughts for a good two hours before you fell asleep?

Continue this cycle for a few years, and you have a stressed CEO on the verge of burnout.

When so many rely on this leader to lead the team, make the decisions, and set the direction for the company, it goes without saying that burnout is not an option.

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

And much like physical health issues, mental health issues can only be avoided for so long.

4 Steps to reduce stress

There is a difference between what is considered good stress and what is considered bad stress.

Good stress motivates you and keeps you going. Bad stress exhausts you, makes you anxious, and makes you feel overwhelmed.

So how exactly do you lower stress levels?

Improve sleep cycle and patterns

There's a reason the doctor recommends eight hours of sleep a day.

Reorganize the day—delegate tasks to senior managers. And make time for sleep. Power naps do not count. The body needs to rejuvenate. Sleep recharges the batteries and ensures that you can perform another day at 100% without losing steam.


CEOs, by virtue of their jobs, are required to have outstanding levels of concentration and focus.

That is exactly what meditation does. It allows you to exercise this muscle in a relaxed and controlled environment. Add a good night's rest to the mix, and you have a recipe for a rejuvenated CEO.

Eat right and exercise

Food is the petrol that keeps the engine running. Feed your body with the vitamins and minerals that it requires and watch it surprise and impress you.

Regular exercise is an excellent outlet for stress. Focus on activities that get the heart pumping, like cardiovascular exercise.


Create time and space between you and the company. This cannot be overemphasized enough. Breaking away gives clarity, vision, understanding, and in-depth insight into any situation.

Before you find yourself in a situation, look up facilities that list recovery for burnout, take decisive action, clear the schedule, and break away.

Don't wait for the warning signs of burnout, and then continue to ignore them. Instead, take action, and deal decisively with stress.

Being proactive about health, specifically mental health, is an intelligent choice and the right one. To be an effective leader, make good decisions that lead to better mental health.

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