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The Knesset's Health Committee on Monday met to discuss the cyber attacks on Israel's healthcare system.

The meeting follows recent cyber attacks on health organizations such as Hillel Yaffe Medical Center and Clalit's Mor Institute.

During the discussion Health Ministry cybersecurity chief Reuven Eliyahu revealed that the Ministry prevents over 100,000 cyberattacks each month on the healthcare system.

"Information security is a 24/7 issue, it's something akin to a third World War," he said. "If it used to be that to attack a country, you needed a ship and missiles, today all you need is a simple internet site, and you can attack."

"A few years ago, we managed a breach of eight hospitals at once, but the attack was much smaller and it was solved in a single night. If we had several instances such as [what happened in] Hillel Yaffe at the same time, that would be very difficult, but we would make it, in the end."

Director General of the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz, who participated in the discussion, said, "After the attack, most of the critical information has already been restored. Information on patients, such as blood tests, lab tests, and medical history has been restored. Right now, we are upgrading the systems."

He added, "In the past few weeks, we have worked by hand, and now we need to upload it all to the computer. What helped us in the past weeks was the fax."

Health Ministry representatives answered that so far, "millions of shekels, not just a few" have been invested "in order to take care of the attack on Hillel Yaffe."