The Israel Real Estate Show will be taking place next Sunday, November 14, in Brooklyn, New York, a unique event to be held in cooperation with Arutz Sheva. Its producer, Gidon Katz, spoke with Meir Sand, CEO of the Sand Group real estate company, which is marketing for the gush Etzion development company, to find out more about the projects he is heading and their special relevance for the Anglo community.

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“People are always asking me when’s a good time to buy in Israel,” Sand says. “People push it off, thinking that maybe prices are going to drop, but unfortunately prices just keep on going up – it’s a question of supply and demand, and there just isn’t enough supply.”

There are Anglo communities springing up all over Israel, Katz points out, so what’s special about Gush Etzion?

“We’re marketing for the Gush Etzion Development Company,” Sand relates, “because Gush Etzion has many special advantages for Anglos that give new immigrants a ‘softer landing’ when they get here. Gush Etzion is close to Jerusalem – around fifteen minutes’ drive away – but the housing is still affordable and the community is excellent.

“For instance, the area just recently won two awards,” he describes, “one for its educational institutions, which are among the best in the country, and also an Aliyah award, for helping new immigrants to integrate.”

What’s the advantage of an event like the one that’s going to be held next week? Surely anyone can just come to Israel and check things out for himself?

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“It’s not so simple. Many immigrants really don’t know how things work in Israel, so this event, that brings together expertise from all the related fields, is so helpful. There will be mortgage brokers, lawyers, interior designers – everything to help potential buyers navigate the system, speaking to people one-on-one and getting advice.

“In this video, you can see our project in Neve Daniel,” Sand adds. “We’re building 13,000 units here, large homes at reasonable prices. So, if you ask me, I’ll tell you that it’s an excellent time to buy a home in Israel – it’s always a good time!”

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