Hundreds of people demonstrated on Saturday night at the Chords Bridge at the entrance to Jerusalem in protest over the death of Ahuvya Sandak, who was killed during a police chase in the Binyamin region more than a year ago.

Police operated a water cannon at the scene during the demonstration. The protesters claimed the officers used the water cannon to spray "Skunk", a malodorant, non-lethal weapon named after the animal and which is used as a means of dispersing demonstrations and riots.

Police said that during the protest, several young people climbed onto the roof of a bus. "The police are working to bring down the disturbers and maintain public order in the area."

Four policemen were injured. 21 protesters were arrested for disturbing public order.

The police reported that the demonstrators used violence against the officers, damaged police vehicles and threw rocks at police officers who operated at the scene.

Otzma Yehudit chairman MK Itamar Ben Gvir arrived at the scene of the demonstration to closely monitor the conduct of the police towards the demonstrators.

During the demonstration, the police sprayed the “Skunk” weapon on Ben Gvir, who did not require medical treatment.

Before arriving at the scene, Ben Gvir turned to the Jerusalem District of the police and asked the police not to use batons and tear gas and violence during the demonstration.

"Unfortunately there is one law for right-wing protesters and one law for protesters on Balfour Street. I do not remember the police using the ‘Skunk’ to disperse demonstrations in Balfour. I came to the demonstration to protect the children whom the police treat with violence. If police violence against children continues, I will stay here to protect them. It is inconceivable that the police would beat children who came to protest against the crime committed against Ahuvya of blessed memory, and to try to shut them up and infringe on freedom of expression," he said.