riot during May violence
riot during May violence Yossi Aloni/Flash90

Lt. Col. B, a veteran intelligence officer who recently retired from a long career in a variety of IDF intelligence bodies that monitored the activities of enemy states and terrorist elements, refers to the new front to which the public in Israel was exposed during the the riots which accompanied Operation Guardian of the Walls in May.

"For us in the IDF, this is a clear point of departure. There is close coordination between the terrorist armies and the cells and mechanisms within Israel, with Israeli Arabs with the means and intent to produce large-scale terrorism that will disrupt the routine of life within the country, both of the civilians and of the security forces," he says.

He adds: "There is a gap that everyone is talking about. The responsibility for internal security lies with the Israel Police. The IDF's activity and authority within the country is mainly in the work of the Home Front Command. Senior police officers work with the framework of industrial quiet and maintaining order as much as possible. I hope it changes, but the active activity to seize weapons, for example, is a drop in the ocean."

According to him, the proof of the coordination of the Arab terrorist fronts was expressed precisely by the timing of the end of the riots and the decision of the Israeli government to reach a ceasefire agreement with Hamas on May 20: "It is worth noting that no one negotiated with the thousands of Arab rioters with blue ID cards, and hundreds of thousands of their supporters inside the country. And there is a very high level of control of Hamas in the process, for the benefit of the common Arab interests against Israel."

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