Uri Maklev
Uri MaklevHezki Baruch

The office of MK Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism) has found that the "tax" placed on disposables will cost the yeshiva world over a million shekel each month.

The findings show that the average haredi family will spend over 1,500 shekel more each year, simply because of the rise in the price of disposables.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), about 1,000,100 haredim live in Israel, and each haredi family has an average of 6.6. children, who live in an average of 166,666.6 haredi households.

All of these haredi households will see over 290 million shekel each year go towards the disposables "tax," not including the costs of celebrations, hosting, and similar, Maklev's office found.

"This decree on disposable products joins a list of other decrees of purposeful harassment towards the haredi community," Maklev said.

"Other than the income and enriching the State's purse, there's nothing to this. It only increases the price of the products and makes things more difficult for the public," he added. "The Health Ministry does not allow the use of multi-use plastic, and the Finance Ministry is raising the cost of disposables."

Maklev's office also examined the additional cost to the yeshiva world. The calculations were made per 100 diners, and showed that for every 100 diners, the yeshiva will pay 1,752.3 extra shekel each month.

In their report, they explained that this cost is an additional tax, which is added on to the cost of the product which was not calculated due to the price differences among the various chains.

According to statistics from the Yeshivas Committee, Israel has approximately 60,000 yeshiva students over age 16.5.

According to the document from Maklev's office, the increase in price will cost the yeshiva world 14.5 million shekel each year, broken down to over one million shekel each month.