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Police (illustrative)iStock

A Canadian high school is facing mounting criticism after posting to social media a guide to Halloween costumes to avoid wearing that lumped police in with Hitler and serial killer Ted Bundy.

St. Joseph High School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan said that the image was posted unintentionally.

The guide was posted to the high school’s Instagram account as advise for students. It featured an image titled “Other costumes to avoid.” It said: “While you’re thinking about what to wear, consider avoiding the following as well.”

Under “Costumes depicting perpetrators of violence or oppression,” the guide listed, “police, Hitler, Columbus, Ted Bundy.”

The post has since been deleted by the high school, CKOM reported.

“The concern I have heard has come directly from the police and the police association,” Derrick Kunz, a school district communications consultant, told the news outlet.

Kunz described the posting of the photo as an “oversight.” He said it was quickly deleted. But it appears it was up long enough to cause a backlash.

“It’s the internet; it goes fast,” he said. “When an oversight is made, you hit the delete button, but of course, it’s still there.”

Saskatoon police issued an email statement stating that they were told the “post was made in error,” and that they continue to “enjoy strong partnerships with both Saskatoon school divisions and look forward to building on them in the future.”