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In a historic first, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a world-class aerospace and defense company, will exhibit at the prestigious Dubai Airshow, taking place November 14-18.

IAI will showcase a variety of its state-of-the-art systems, emphasizing its aviation products, including civil aviation, space systems, special-mission aircraft, and more.

While attending Dubai Airshow, IAI plans to expand its strategic collaboration in the region by signing new cooperation agreements with local companies and broadening existing partnerships that have been signed during the past year, including an agreement on cargo conversions with the United Arab Emirate’s (UAE) Etihad Engineering and on aircraft maintenance with Bahrain’s Gulf Air, among others.

As a leading global airshow bringing together the industry’s best companies and brightest minds, the Dubai Airshow provides IAI with the opportunity to come together with the UAE, other Gulf countries, and other global companies to share its innovative world-class solutions and develop new collaborations. IAI’s Systems-of-Systems with air, naval, land, space, and cyber applications will be on display at IAI’s impressive booth, showcasing over 70 years of expertise and innovation.

“A year after the signing of the Abraham Accords, IAI is thrilled to participate in the Dubai Airshow and to broaden cooperation with business partners in the Gulf region,” said IAI CEO and President Boaz Levy.

“Already in the last year, IAI exhibited in Dubai CyberTech and in IAC Dubai, sharing our innovative cyber and space solutions. We believe that there are countless opportunities to work together, share our knowledge, and develop new defense and civilian solutions with our partners in the UAE and broader Gulf region, and together, to create a brighter future.”