Members of Lev Tahor, traveling by bus
Members of Lev Tahor, traveling by busReuters

The Lev Tahor cult, which numbers around 300 members, has decided to leave Guatemala permanently, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

In recent years, Lev Tahor's members lived in a large complex in Guatemala. However, due to what they call "persecution" by the government, including raids on the compound and on hotels where cult members are staying, the group has decided to permanently leave the country.

At the same time, they are not yet sure where to move to.

In the meantime, Kikar Hashabbat added, the group has started to pack the belongings and equipment stored in their complex: a flour mill, washing machines, ovens, and even printing presses. They have also begun to dismantle the complex which contained within it a synagogue and school in addition to the members' living quarters.

Last week, 70 members of Lev Tahor arrived in Kurdistan, only to be arrested and held for five days before being secretly flown to Turkey. Earlier this week, the group was flown from Turkey to a different country, which has not yet been disclosed to the Lev Tahor members still in Guatemala.

In a conversation with Kikar Hashabbat, a senior Lev Tahor member said, "These are very dramatic days for our community."

"We are searching for a country which will not disturb us, so that we can live without government persecution," he said.