Palestinian Arabs in eastern Jerusalem
Palestinian Arabs in eastern Jerusalem Flash 90

Rawhi Fatuh, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, demanded on Tuesday that Britain correct what he defined as the "historic mistake of the Balfour Declaration".

The British should "recognize a Palestinian state and pressure Israel to stop its crimes against the Palestinian people," he said in a statement marking the 104th anniversary of the declaration, which recognized the establishment of a Jewish national home in the Land of Israel.

"Israel continues with racist and fascist policies, desecrating the holy places of Islam and Christianity, and building settlements which is considered war crimes," charged Fatuh.

"The worthless Balfour Declaration has given those who have no right what they did not deserve to receive. It will remain a wound in the human conscience because of the disaster inflicted on the Palestinian people and the region," he added.

Palestinian Arab organizations have long been waging a campaign aimed at forcing Britain to apologize for the document.

The PA cabinet in Ramallah has demanded not just a British apology for the document, but also compensation.