Joe Biden
Joe BidenOfficial White House Photo by Adam Schultz

Let's be real clear. In order for the inept Biden Administration to keep its streak of international failures uninterrupted, it is now focusing on messing with Israel as the next victim of its incompetency. Not satisfied with the excellent rapport with the Jewish State left by President Trump, our feckless, "Where am I?" leader has indicated he wants to open a stand-alone Palestinian Arab Consulate within Jerusalem, Israel's capital. Do those pulling the now visible strings that make Biden move not know that the U.S. Embassy in Israel's capital already provides consular services to Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews and Arabs to service their needs?

Before the USA finally carried out its Jerusalem Embassy Law of 1995 in 2018 and opened the US Embassy in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem, there was a US Consulate building on Agron Street smack in the middle of Jerusalem - the Waldorf Astoria Hotel is right down the street, Independence Park opposite the building and the Mamilla Mall a few hundreds yards away - in a part of the city recognized (except for those who do not recognize Israel's right to exist anywhere) as part of Israel since 1948.

In order to obtain consular services such as visas, both Jews and Arabs went to an office building on Nablus Road, on the demarcation line between East and West Jerusalem. That line only came into being because the fledgling IDF, fighting superior Arab forces in 1948, was unable to hold on to the eastern part of the city that includes the Western Wall and the Old City - and whose Jewish residents had lived there for many generations but were evacuated en masse when the Jordanian Legion overran the area. The 1967 Six Day War ended that Jordanian occupation and reunited Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty.

Israelis and American olim didn't complain about using the consular services offices on Nablus Road along with Arabs after 1967, but from 1995 on, Israelis did hope America would carry out its own law and recognize united Jerusalem as Israel's capital by having an embassy rather than a consulate in the city. That is what Ttrump did, making the Nablus Road offices and the Agron Street Consulate unnecessary. No sovereign country has a US consulate in the same city as it has an embassy. Negating all that, Biden wants to reopen the consulate on Agron Street for Palestinian Arabs, in downtown Jerusalem, in an area totally populated by Jews..


Rabbi Aryeh Spero, spokesman for the Conference of Jewish Affairs, straight out, told it like it is: "All friends of Israel and historic truth should be horrified by the recent betrayal of Israel by the Biden administration, insisting on creating an American consulate for Palestinian Arabs in the city of Jerusalem. Inasmuch as the U.S. already has its embassy in Jerusalem, the formation of a special consulate indicates that the Biden administration plans to make Jerusalem the capital of a future Palestinian Arab state." He hit the nail on he head.

Biden and his whole staff of Israel/Jew haters have their eye on the recognition of a nation of Palestine and will push for Jerusalem to be its capital. A spit in the eye to Jews...of all political stripes. This move would reward the terrorist supporting Palestinian Authority leadership for their intransigence and duplicity in making peace with Israel. Wasn't it Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority President for Life, who promised that there would be no Jews permitted in any future state of Palestine? And back in 2013 he was quoted: "We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. This is pure blood, clean blood." So, Mr. Abbas sees Jerusalem not as a traditional capital, but as a gory, shattered battleground under Allah. A divided Jerusalem will not be "peaceful" until, as the Koran states, every Jew and Christian is outed or slaughtered. A Biden dream?

Senator Bill Hagerty (R-Tennessee), sees the problem very clearly. He recently proposed a bill to ensure that the only US diplomatic entity in Jerusalem would be the US. Embassy, with these words: "President Biden's proposal to open a second US mission (To Palestine) in Jerusalem would begin to reverse the recognition of Jerusalem and it would divide Israel's eternal and undivided capital city." Well said. But who knows how much support he'll receive from Democrats who control the Senate, when and if his bill ever reaches the floor for a vote?

Back when we moved our embassy to Jerusalem, not one elected Democrat House member or Senator attended the ceremony. Enough said for the Progressive "lovers of democracy," the hawks who now seem to be spreading their wings and claws, making their move to demolish the Jewish State.

Now is the time to be calling your representatives and senators demanding they stand by our nation's promise to keep Jerusalem the eternal, undivided and official capital of the State of Israel. NO! to a Palestinian Consulate in Jerusalem!!

Alan Bergstein, lecturer and columnist, is an editorial writer for The NY Jewish Voice and a retired NYC school principal A father of four, he is a Korean War veteran and Jewish activist who is President of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County, Florida.