Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, today (Tuesday).

Following are Prime Minister Bennett's remarks at the start of the meeting:

I want to thank you for this remarkable event, where you've taken world leadership and shown resolve, and given everyone an opportunity to re-evaluate their national policies vis-à-vis climate change. I can tell you that regarding Israel, it's been instrumental, because we have now changed our policy on this and for the first time in our history, committed to zero emissions 2050, and we mean business. It's been a watershed for us.

I want to thank you for your quick intervention on this unfortunate incident. I think it's a learning opportunity for all of us on the importance of accessibility for all. We're so proud of Minister Elharrar. She's just amazing.

You're a huge friend to Israel; that's no secret. What we'll be discussing is how we bring our relationship to the next level."

British Prime Minister Johnson told Prime Minister Bennett that the UK needed to study the booster shot campaign in Israel. He noted that the booster campaign was still underway in Britain and added that it needed to 'go with Israeli speed'