Jews in a synagogue
Jews in a synagogueREUTERS/Raheb Homavandi

What can Israel offer Jewish communities around the world? According to 83% of Israeli Jews, the field that the State of Israel has the most knowledge in is terror and anti-Semitism.

A special survey conducted by the Jewish Agency for Israel by means of the Jewish emergency network JReady showed that handling earthquakes took second place (65% of Israelis), followed by giant fires (39%), world pandemics (38%), flooding (30%), and general crisis (22%).

In addition, 60% of Israeli citizens believe that Israel has an obligation to help Jewish communities in the Diaspora overcome their times of emergency and crisis, and 67% would be willing to volunteer to help Jewish communities in times of emergency.

"Israelis want to be there for the Jewish communities, and mutual responsibility has remained an important value for the Jewish nation," said Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin, JReady's chair and a former MK.

The survey was conducted on iPanel.

Recently, JReady held trainings for hundreds of professionals in Jewish communities, Israel Hayom noted. The trainings covered operating command rooms, treating trauma victims, building a community's strength, and more. Participating were representatives from 39 countries around the world, including South Africa, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Norway, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, the US, Canada, and others.

The full results of the survey will be published Thursday at an international conference marking one year of JReady's activities, Israel Hayom added.