Assaf Zamir and Maya Wertheimer
Assaf Zamir and Maya Wertheimer Miriam Alster/Flash90

Maya Wertheimer, the wife of Israel's new Consul General to New York Assaf Zamir, will not be moving to the Big Apple when her husband takes up his new post. Instead she will be hosting an Israeli reality show.

Wertheimer wrote on her Instagram account on Monday: "I was afraid to call Assaf to tell him that right now, as we are moving to New York, I got the chance to make a dream come true."

Wertheimer has agreed to serve as a host for the 'New Love' program on Channel 13.

"Yes yes it sounds like a dream. Because it's really a dream. I come to work hard. I will learn and fly in the air and embark on a journey with Channel, which is giving me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," she wrote on Instagram.

She said that he husband told her he was proud of her following the offer and encouraged her to accept it. "I know we'll get through this and that in a few years we will tell Asia the story of 'how mom and dad did everything to make their dreams come true and stayed a loving family and together.'"