COVID-19 vaccine
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The Israeli military has cancelled the suspension of a senior IDF officer over his refusal to receive the COVID vaccine, Kan reported Sunday night.

According to the report, the commander of the IDF Northern Command’s elite Alpine unit, who holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Res.), was allowed to resume his duties Sunday, after the chief of Northern Command, Amir Baram was forced to cancel the officer’s suspension.

Baram had suspended the officer over the officer’s refusal to receive the COVID vaccine. The suspension came despite the army’s policy of permitting soldiers to substitute a negative PCR test instead of getting vaccinated.

The suspended commander wrote to his soldiers that, "The Major-General insists that all senior commanders set a personal example by getting vaccinated."

On Sunday, however, the IDF Chief of Staff’s office intervened, forcing Baram to reverse course and permit the commander to rely on negative COVID tests rather than receive the vaccine.

“In keeping with army rules, the unit commander will continue to perform his duties, while showing negative PCR tests,” the army said in a statement Sunday.