Razi Issa, senior UAL official
Razi Issa, senior UAL officialCourtesy Channel 13 News

The Ad Kan organization, together with the Choose Life forum for bereaved families, revealed over the weekend on Channel 13 how elements in the Islamic Movement, who are also senior members of the United Arab List (UAL) party and helped draft the party's coalition agreement, acted to transfer funds to Hamas through the nonprofit Aid 48.

The investigation shows that Razi Issa, a senior member of the UAL party who serves, among other things, as chairman of the Islamic Movement's general assembly that sets the UAL's list for the Knesset and is a member of the Shura Council, visited Gaza in his position as director of the Aid 48 organization. The investigation shows that during his visit to Gaza, he met with Razi Hamed, a senior Hamas official who even publicly thanked the organization for its contribution to Gaza.

In addition, it was revealed that the director of the association is Azhar Shaharur, the sister of the terrorist who attacked the Park Hotel and that her husband and son are part of the Islamic Jihad terror group.

The investigation also revealed that senior members of the budget department in the Ministry of Finance conducted the coalition negotiations with UAL in the Aid 48 offices in Kafr Qassem, with Issa presiding.

Ad Kan director Gilad Ach, whose organization conducted the investigation, commented: "For the first time in the history of the State of Israel, the Israeli taxpayer is funding a terrorist organization responsible for the murder of Israelis. The state budget must not be passed in its current form in which it injects billions into the Islamic movement. We call on the Zionist elements in the coalition to stop this deal with the devil and take action to rectify the situation. It's not too late."

The "Choose Life" forum added that, "It is very worrying that the state budget that is expected to pass this week is not monitored, and some of the tax money of Israeli citizens is going to go to our children's killers."