Bennett and Lapid
Bennett and Lapid Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in closed talks with his associates recently that he believes Yair Lapid will not replace him in the position and the government will not last until the date when the rotation between them is supposed to take place, Amit Segal reports in Channel 12 News.

According to the report, in the talks in question, Bennett said, "I estimate that the rotation will not take place. The government will most likely dissolve between the budget and the date of the rotation for a variety of reasons."

Lat night, it was reported that Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked is also skeptical about the possibility that Yair Lapid will be appointed prime minister as part of the rotation deal with current Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

According to the recordings, which were published by Channel 12 News, Shaked said that "Lapid is a superficial person - every week he causes damage and Naftali has to come to the rescue, and no one knows about it."

Shaked said of Defense Minister Benny Gantz: "Gantz will dismantle the enterprise. He is not a prime minister at all. Worse than Lapid. Even worse, I do not know how."

Shaked claimed that Foreign Minister Lapid was carrying out political attacks, as she put it. "He did it about three times - against the Jordanians, against the Americans, and against ... and Naftali has to come to the rescue. Unequivocally."

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