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A new study by a British anti-extremism group found that the UK Labour Party’s elite are "obsessed" with tweeting criticisms of Israel, spending more time finding fault with the Jewish State on social media that commenting on unrest in Yemen, Syria and Iran combined, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

The Mainstream UK study also revealed that the number of tweets by the party’s top leaders about Israel was twice the number of posts about Russia and nearly twice the number about China.

The group's research found that while not all individual posts were anti-Semitic, adding up the staggering number of critical posts confirmed that the obsession with Israel was not solely limited to the extreme left of the Labour Party.

Wth Labour having adopted the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, holding Israel to different standards than other democratic countries would be defined as anti-Semitic.

In September, Labour leader Sir Keith Starmer told the party’s conference that after a period of removing hundreds of far left party members and radical factions, he had turned the page on the party’s anti-Semitism problem, which came to a head under previous leader Jeremy Corbyn.

However, at the conference, a motion was passed with a large majority that accused Israel of an “ongoing Nakba in Palestine” and claimed Israel was an “apartheid state.”

The Mainstream UK study comes roughly a year after Labour was found to have broken equality laws by the Equality and Human Rights Commission that investigated reports of anti-Semitism in the party.