Shaked in Tel Aviv
Shaked in Tel Avivspokesperson

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, arrived today (Thursday) for a discussion with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality on the issue of illegal infiltrators and foreign workers, and at the end she conducted a tour of the southern part of the city, where many illegal aliens are located.

Shaked was accompanied in the meeting and tour by her office staff, the Director General of the Population and Immigration Authority, Tomer Moskowitz, the head of the Population Administration’s Foreign Workers’ Enforcement Unit, Yossi Edelstein, and the Adviser on Immigration, Yonatan Yakubowicz.

During the discussion, the Minister received an overview from Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai, Acting and Deputy Mayor Haim Goren and the municipality's professional staff on the situation in the southern part of the city, the situation of the population and the various communities, including homeless people and foreign workers, and the challenges they face.

The Minister met with representatives of the police. who presented reports and data on law enforcement in South Tel Aviv and shared the challenges they face in everything related to enforcement while dealing with a foreign population.

Later, the minister met with residents of the Hatikva neighborhood, and went on a tour of the neighborhood with Yamina faction chairman MK Nir Orbach.

The minister heard about the hardships the residents routinely face and talked to them about living in mixed neighborhoods with infiltrators and foreign workers.

MK Auerbach invited the mothers to a discussion in the Knesset Education Committee to discuss the issue of schools in the southern part of the city.

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked concluded, "I do not intend to let go of the issue of infiltrators and I will continue to promote their departure back to their country and safe third countries. At the same time, I ordered the Population and Immigration Authority to strengthen ties and cooperation with municipal and police officials in order to restore governance and a sense of personal security in the neighborhoods of southern Tel Aviv."

"In addition, I emphasized the need to examine the establishment of schools under an international model for children of infiltrators and illegal aliens, with a curriculum that will prepare them for leaving Israel as soon as possible," Shaked said.