London, UK
London, UKצילום: iStock

Police in Borehamwood, UK have added extra neighborhood patrols in the wake of a far right group placing anti-Semitic flyers in the mailboxes of Jewish families.

Dozens of Jewish residents living in the London suburb near Yavneh College, a Jewish secondary school, last week had the leaflets dropped at their houses.

They were allegedly delivered by Patriotic Alternative, a far right white nationalist group, the UK Jewish News reported.

The flyers called for a ban on kosher and halal food.

Police said that they were aware that Jewish Borehamwood residents had received the flyers that had “caused distress and offence.”

“While no crimes have been committed, this has been recorded as a hate incident and we would like to reassure you that we take such matters very seriously,” a police spokesperson told the Jewish News.

Borehamwood Councillor Richard Butler said that he would be working with the Community Security Trust, which oversees security for the UK Jewish community, and local police in order to “safeguard the positive community relations we have in this town.”