Yisrael Eichler
Yisrael EichlerHillerl Meir/TPS

MK Yisrael Eicheler (United Torah Judaism) revealed today (Thursday) in an interview with David Ben Best on Radio 103FM and revealed that contacts are underway between the haredi parties and Defense Minister Benny Gantz on the formation of an alternate government to replace the current Bennett-Lapid government.

"There is a good chance of such a move because we are talking to him," Eichler said, "but the only problem is that Gantz does not believe and is afraid that the Likud will overthrow him."

On Tuesday, Eichler claimed that the haredi factions should have told Netanyahu to resign after four election campaigns in which he failed to form a permanent coalition.

In an interview with the Kikar Hashabbat website, Eichler referred to the boycott of the committees: "I was the first and not the only one who was against the boycott of the committees, against going to the High Court to seek relief. My friends in 'United Torah Judaism' agreed with me that this is not good, but we must, once again, be bound to Likud, Levin and Netanyahu. I said: we represent a public that has nothing else, if we are not in committees we are harming it. "I was told 'a month and the government falls', I am not a small child, as soon as I realized that the Arabs say 'we oppose the government but lean more to the right-wing government' - I knew there was 67 for the Bennett government, so what's the point of sitting month after month?"

As for the connection with Netanyahu, Eichler said: "We have left the future of the Torah world under Netanyahu's illusions four times. He constantly deceived us, and himself in fact, that he was any moment going to win. Four times one does not win elections. Even a great man like Churchill, after the great victory in World War II - because of an internal war in his party he lost power - he went home."

Eichler was asked if he expected Netanyahu to resign and go home, and replied: "Certainly. After the first election he lost we had to say 'you have to go, acknowledge the fact that you lost.'

"Even before that, when he did not want to maintain the rotation with Gantz. So we should have said to him 'you can not play with the state', not to pass a budget and then go back to a vote so as not to maintain a rotation. Did you sign a rotation? Then follow through," Eichler said.