I was so honored that the Cohen's took some time out of their super busy schedule to come to our studio and tell us about their Chabad house in the city of Hebron, and the crazy preparations going on for this coming Shabat, also known as Shabat Chaye Sara.

Rabbi Danny Cohen and his wife Batsheva have become the shluchim (emissaries) of Chabad in Hebron and have established their home and Chabad house.

They are constantly hosting, tourists who come to visit, (pre-covid times) and soldiers, boys, girl soldiers whose presence is there constantly.

The Cohens host them, give classes, support them, and most importantly love them, like parents, being that most of these young soldiers' parents are far away and worried. Hebron is no easy city to live in and often dangerous, yet this coming Shabbat, Hebron gets ready to host thousands and thousands of Jews who will spend Shabbat right there in the Cave of Machpela.

Huge tents will go up known as Abraham & Sarah's tent, Isaac and Rebecca's tent and Jacob and Leah's tent, where so many guests will come and eat, be served and dine exactly like our forefathers would welcome us in their tent thousands of years ago, Rabbi Danny explains.

Rabbi Danny Cohen himself has and still serves as a reservist in the IDF.

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