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Jews all over New York should be scared, educated and motivated enough to get out and vote.

Many of you have reached out to me for information about the candidates I am supporting and that you should vote for and where/when to vote. Thank You for contacting me. We will help you the best we can get to the poll sites and vote with integrity. And, if you see something suspicious, you can reach out to us and we will notify the appropriate people in charge.


I already shared strong endorsements for City Council candidates Joann Ariola and Jackie Toboroff and Great Neck Legislator Mazi Philip.

Jewish Vote GOP interviewed many candidates and endorsed the following:

Nassau County

Elaine Phillips for Comptroller

Anne Donnelly for District Attorney

John McQuade for Long Beach City Council

Mazi Philip for Legislator District 10

New York Five Boroughs


Vanessa Simon for City Council in the Far Rockaway areas District 31

Felicia Kalan for City Council in the areas surrounding Astoria areas District 22

Joann Ariola for City Council in Breezy Point-Howard And Rockaway Beach areas District 32

We endorse Robert Holden unopposed for City Council District 30


Eric Frankel for City Council Borough Park and surrounding areas District 38 (Conservative Line)

Staten Island

We endorse City Council Minority Whip Joe Borelli


Jackie Toboroff for City Council District 1

Oz Sultan on Upper West Side and Jewish Bronx communities for District 30

Edwin de la Rosa for City Council on Upper West Side and Bronx areas for District 10

John Tabacco on the Libertarian Party line for New York Comptroller

Curtis Sliwa for Mayor

Dutchess County

Benjamin Geller for Legislator District 4

Vote No To Changing Voter Laws

This is the future of America’s Democracy!

VOTE (NO) Proposition 1- Would amend the bipartisan constitutional amendment, adopted in 2014, which created an Independent Redistricting Commission.


Redistricting Amendment

Weakens the independent redistricting process enacted by voters in 2014 before it’s been allowed to work.

• Designed to change the redistricting rules on the day the Independent Redistricting Commission must

submit its plan to the legislature this year.

• Eliminates the safeguards built into the law that ensure Republicans have an equal role at the Independent Redistricting Commission.

• Reduces the voting requirement from 66% to 60%, which makes it easier for Democrats to overrule the Independent Redistricting Commission without Republican votes.

• Creates a mechanism for Democrats to circumvent the independent redistricting process by refusing to allow a vote on a redistricting plan, which would give Democrats in the legislature a free hand to draw the maps.


VOTE (NO) Proposition 3 - Would create a same day voter registration. New York law already permits someone to register to vote up to 10 days prior to an election. Same day registration is an open invitation to election fraud and will not allow sufficient time to ascertain whether someone is truly eligible to vote.


VOTE (NO) Proposition 4- Would create so-called “no excuse” absentee voting.


No Excuse Absentee Voting

“The legislature may, by general law, provide a manner in which, and the time and place at which, qualified voters may vote and for the return and canvas of their votes in any election.”

• Eliminates the requirement for absentee voting that the voter be absent from the county or unable to appear at the polling place because of illness or physical disability.

• Allows universal vote by mail and ballot harvesting.

• Opens the door to internet voting.


How Are You Voting?

Here are the questions I am asked?

Moderate Democrat or Republican?

Will my republican vote make a difference?

The media has already predicted winners so why should I go out and vote?

Will there be voter fraud?

The most important answer is that sitting on the sidelines and not voting is a win for the anti-Israel, Jew-hating progressives or Alt-right Holocaust denial candidates like those who run from the Lyndon LaRouche Groups.

You Must Vote and Fill Out The Ballot By Yourself!

I was taught that countries work best with a check and balance system. Could you imagine the chaos (could it be worse) in DC without Senators Manchin and Simena? I still think they will side with Democrats in the end.

However, too many Democrats remain silent and are ineffective.

Does being Jewish automatically get the Jewish vote? Do you support Bernie Sanders? Adam Schiff? Jamie Raskin? Do you realize there are two Jewish Republican congressmen? For many, it seems like Lee Zeldin is the only Jewish Republican elected official in the house.

So, how you should vote is simple-research the choices for yourself and ask people who actually know the history of the candidates firsthand.

You Decide

Jewish Vote GOP does not endorse Democrats but we don’t endorse every Republican. We Share The Facts.

Jewish Vote GOP has not endorsed Bruce Blakeman for the following reasons:

Blakeman has lost multiple major races before. He is running to be the first Jewish Nassau County Executive. He has attacked his opponent, Laura Curran as a supporter of the squad and taking money from George Soros. So far, Mr. Blakeman has not proven this accusation. And, his opponent County Executive, Laura Curran, has been endorsed by law enforcement. During her tenure, she has supported the Jewish communities and called out the BDS movement. If Mr. Blakeman has such documentation like bank checks, records of meetings among Ms. Curran and the Squad or Mr. Soros, please share.

Another reason we can not endorse Mr. Blakeman is because during his current tenure as Nassau County Legislator, groups like Stand With Us, AJC Long Island and the Simon Wiesenthal Center called for the resignation of Oceanside Sanitation Commissioner, Ryan Hemsley, after his social media attacks on Jews in November, 2020. To date, Hemsley is still in office and Jewish Vote GOP can not find one statement from Bruce Blakeman regarding his disapproval of the racial posts.

Jewish Vote GOP can not endorse Inna Vernikov for City Council 48 in the Flatbush and Manhattan Beach areas. She, too, has made multiple accusations against her opponent, Steven Saperstein that she has yet to confirm with actual documentation. Saperstein has ties to the UFT, which for us is a big NO! However, Saperstein has been endorsed by most of the Jewish media, Jewish religious leaders and organizations and City Council Members Robert Holden and Eric Ulrich. He also received important law enforcement endorsements.

Both Blakeman and Vernikov ignored requests for interviews. As a group of volunteers, we feel candidates who ignore us before elections, will definitely ignore us afterwards. We are willing to hear from both of them.

My last bit of advice is to ignore social media influencers. Most copy and paste and really don’t investigate. Most of them call me for help. Ignorance and laziness by a complacent Democratic Congressman from Queens, Joe Crowley, in 2018, brought us a Progressive Unimaginable Democratic Party of 2021 led by AOC.

It could happen in both parties if we are not careful.

Tell us your thoughts and vote. I will be covering Election Night live with the winners and losers.

Cindy Grosz is the host of Cindy’s Political Corner which can be downloaded through iHeartRadio, Spotify and all major podcast outlets. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP. She can be reached at [email protected]