Pro-Palestinian protestor praying to Allah. France, July 2014.
Pro-Palestinian protestor praying to Allah. France, July 2014.Flash90
The great historian René Grousset said that a civilization is destroyed with its own hands. "No civilization is destroyed from the outside without first having deteriorated itself, no empire is conquered from the outside without previously self-destructing - when they have ceased to understand their raison d'etre and when the dominant idea around which they were organized becomes a stranger to them”.

Grousset was thinking of the great empires of the past, such as Minos's Crete, not of his own country, contemporary France.

According to a Harris poll released last week, the French population is alarmed by the "great replacement" in progress, the idea behind Eric Zemmour, the Jewish author of the “French Suicide” who should soon formalize his candidacy for the next presidential elections. 67 percent see it as a cause for concern and 61 percent think it will happen.

"Is immigration half the population growth of France?" asked the renowned political scientist Dominique Reynié, sparking a debate. The academic is referrring to a study by the National Statistics Institute whose title gives an idea of ​​the answer to the question: "44 percent of the population increase comes from immigrants". And the data goes back four years. “In twelve years, the contribution of immigrants to population growth has increased considerably: in 2006 it was 28 per cent”. 1.6 points per year.

And in its definition of immigration, the National Statics Institute takes into consideration only the first generation of immigrants, people born abroad and residing on French soil. For this reason, in order to better measure the impact of the migratory phenomenon, some demographers, including Michèle Tribalat, ask that the second and third generation be taken into account in studies.

In a 2019 study, three researchers from the National Institute for Demographic Studies indicated the fertility rate of women in France based on their country of birth. Women born in Algeria (3.69), Tunisia (3.50), Morocco (3.47), in the rest of Africa (2.91) or in Turkey (3.12) ... "Taking into account these two generations, the immigration share is well above 50 percent of this growth”, comments Le Figaro. Dominique Reynié therefore speaks of an "ethnocultural recomposition" of France, also documented by Jérôme Fourquet in his book “L'Archipel Français” and who has just said on TV: "Mass immigration has already transformed the demographic physiognomy of France".

"Our brave politicians tell us that we must prevent the climate from increasing by two degrees in a hundred years, but that we can absolutely do nothing for immigration," writes journalist Laurent Obertone in his book “La France Interdite”. “Europeans are disappearing, like dinosaurs."

Obertone cites a report from the Institut Montaigne, according to which the "visible minorities" (Asia, Maghreb, Africa) are 14 million or about 20 percent of the French population, with at least one grandparent born in non-European territory, namely Maghreb, Africa sub-Saharan, Turkey, Middle East and Asia. "The French population has started to decline," writes Obertone. “It takes two children to renew the generation. Today 100 French will have 65 children, tomorrow 42, then they will have 27…. Each generation will be almost halved ”.

Two observations by Obertone: "The 'visible diversity', which is less than 20 percent of the population, is involved in more than 40 percent of births. It is now an underlying trend. The share of births from 'diversity' will be 70 percent in 2040. It is tomorrow. At this rate, natives will be a minority on French soil in 2060. Probably before then. And this hypothesis does not yet take into account illegal immigration or asylum seekers and it is more than unlikely that the migratory pressure will decrease. It is not a fantasy. This is the scenario envisaged by the United Nations, for Europe and France ".

Obertone's conclusion is not the rosiest: “In 1856, following a prophecy, the Xhosa people destroyed all their crops and put their flocks to death. The future seemed hell to him. The West seems to be in this situation today. Rather than being distracted by the debates 'relaunched' every year by the officials of the great propaganda show (end of life, prostitution, minorities, drug decriminalization, inequality), it is time to impose the only viable subject - ”

Europe's survival!