Mercaz Harav Yeshiva
Mercaz Harav Yeshiva Courtesy

The Hesder Yeshiva Association and the Higher Yeshiva Association today (Tuesday) congratulated MK Nir Orbach and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on regulating the yeshiva budget, which currently stands at NIS 1.17 billion.

As will be recalled, the yeshiva unions warned in advance of the budget discussions of a deep cut in the yeshiva budget. Towards the approval of the state budget, the yeshiva administration breathed a sigh of relief after the cuts were halted.

"We are pleased with the halt in aggressive cuts planned in the yeshiva budget, in recognition of the state value of Torah study as a national asset to the State of Israel," the yeshiva union said.

"We thank those involved - MK Nir Orbach and his staff, with the backing and encouragement of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Chief of Staff Tal Gan Zvi, and Minister Ayelet Shaked," they added.

"We expect the amount to reach the full amount of years gone by, so that it will also express the appropriate indemnity for the natural increase in the number of students, and call for leaving the budget in full without cuts and continuing to strengthen the Torah world in every way," they said.

The budget for the meetings in 2020 was NIS 1.24 billion. This year, despite the fear of deep cuts, a budget of NIS 1.17 billion was approved, as stated.

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