Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuNoam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu tonight (Monday) for the first time held a "Space" conversation on Twitter and answered the questions of the many listeners live.

Netanyahu first attacked Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked. "I saw Ayelet Shaked's blitz," he said. "It's a show. The tormented Ayelet is always devoted at the end to the left. It doesn't work for anyone. It doesn't even work for some of the people in their faction."

"We want elections now," he noted. "I have no doubt that if we have an election we will get the 61 [Knesset seats] with ease. The intensity of opposition to the fraudulent government is enormous. The public's reactions are enormous. Bennett and Shaked constantly talk right and go with the left and Sa'ar does not pass the electoral threshold. If we go to elections, I have no doubt that we will win by a huge margin."

He then added: "The goal is to overthrow this dangerous government that actually depends on and upholds the will of the Islamic Movement."

He said, "The Abbas tax is a Hamas tax. All the money is taken away and there is no money left for the soldiers and interns. I have no problem helping the Arab public, but we did it responsibly and did not slip it into the pockets of the Islamic Movement."

"This is the first government in the history of Israel to include the Islamic Movement in the coalition. If, G-d forbid, Hamas shoots at the balconies in Sderot, the government will fall. If they respond to the murder of the late soldier Shmueli, the government will fall."