Meir Cohen
Meir CohenHillel Meir/TPS

The Yesh Atid faction said goodbye today (Monday) to one of Minister Meir Cohen's assistants, and on the occasion of the event, they brought outside refreshments that included food and bottles of wine.

Usually at such events the refreshments are ordered from the Knesset buffet and when this is not the case, the food is required to pass an audit by the Knesset Food Control Director.

The audit revealed that two bottles of wine were brought to the event, one of which is not kosher. However, the Knesset was asked to approve its entry into the hall.

The Knesset rabbi, Rabbi Aviad Gutman, explained that there is no permit to bring the wine into the faction since the Knesset adheres to the laws of kashrut.

Minister Meir Cohen, who also serves as an MK, chose to use his parliamentary immunity and insert the non-kosher bottle, against the rules in the Knesset.

Minister Cohen's office said: "The minister introduced the refreshments without knowing that there was a problem with the wine's kashrut. In any case, the bureau members adhere to Knesset procedures."