Today, as part of the “Blue Flag” exercise, the Commander of the United Arab Emirates Air Force, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Nasser Mohammed Al Alawi, arrived for a visit to Israel.

The commander was welcomed at Palmachim Air Force Base by an honor guard led by the Commander of the Israeli Air Force, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin.

The commanders discussed developing cooperation and strengthening relations between the two air forces.

Commander of the Israeli Air Force Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin stated: “I thank you, Maj. Gen. Al Alawi, for this visit to Israel. This is a truly historic day with tremendous significance for the future of cooperation between our air forces."

The current Blue Flag exercise is the largest and most advanced so far, with the participation of eight countries training with the fourth generation aircraft along with fifth generation F-35s, which expands the IAF’s capabilities in the battlefield.

In addition, there will be an F-35 conference in the Nevatim Air Force Base during the exercise that will include the delegations from Italy, Norway, Netherlands, UK, US and Belgium.